Tyson Hayward

Title: President, CEO

Cell Phone: (805) 423-0624

Email: tyson@spinnakerfinancial.net

License #: 288454

Tyson Hayward
Tyson Hayward

In the world of sailing, the “spinnaker” is a broad, beautiful and powerful racing sail, valued for its ability to harness the speed and direction of the wind. When deployed, the brightly colored, lightweight sail fills up like a parachute in front of the boat, lifting it and setting it flying ahead.  Spinnaker – the perfect name for a business later created by Tyson Hayward.

Raised by a father who competed in the Olympic sailing trials in 1932, Hayward was a born adventurer. He spent his early adult years charting the waters of the Virgin Islands, working his way up the ranks to become a SCUBA dive master, and eventually, a 100-ton boat captain.

But, the tides soon carried him to San Luis Obispo County, California—an area the avid traveler considers the most beautiful in the world and which he feels proud to call “home”.  A chance encounter brought him face-to-face with his true professional calling: mortgage brokering. Hayward was recruited to a local brokerage, earned his real estate license, and embarked on a spirited, successful career.

More than 25 years later, Hayward is the president and owner of the established, widely respected brokerage firm, Spinnaker Financial, a lender in Paso Robles. Having recently celebrated Spinnaker’s 21st anniversary and after safely navigating through the ever changing waters of the lending world, Hayward is known throughout the region for his passion and prowess at helping individuals and families harness their financial resources, qualify for loans, and turn their dreams of home ownership into realities.

Giving clients the individualized attention, energetic effort and swift, reliable results they seek, Hayward assures future home-owners in the North County of San Luis Obispo that, with his guidance, they will sail smoothly through the mortgage process and close their loan on time.

If you are looking for a home loan in Paso Robles, Templeton or Atascadero, give Spinnaker Financial a call at (805) 238-3516.

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